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Using Cold Laser Therapy 

Persons who have the following three symptoms must take corrective action.

  1. Binge eating: Loss of control in the face of highly palatable
  2. Lack of satiation: Lack of feeling full
  3. Preoccupation: Thinking about food between meals

Persons who have excessive exposure to sugar, fat & salt are asking for trouble. More people die from obesity than all infectious diseases. Overeating leads to obesity which creates cardiovascular disease, diabetes, colon cancer, circulatory disorders and too many other problems to mention here.

inset_weightlossDIETS DO NOT WORK until your neural circuitry is rewired. Our cold LASER auriculotherapy treatment protocol utilizes specific wavelength laser beams for bio-stimulation. LASER auriculotherapy combined with other acupuncture points is a highly effective means to creating appetite suppression, an increased body metabolism, endorphin release and stress reduction. These effects combined enable the patient to create a new behavioral pattern and break the physical desire of conditioned hyper eating.

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